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If you’re a development manager, architect, developer, or tester, and whether in DevOps, QA, or CI/CD, we think you’ll find our podcast content valuable. Anyone who wants to stay up to date on software development trends and insights, this podcast is for you!

Developer Things #8: How to Develop More Secure Software with Steve Feldman

Today’s episode of Developer Things features Steve Feldman. Steve is the Vice President of Engineering at Contrast Security.The subject of security in the area of software development is an important one, as there are a number of different challenges that face developers trying to develop more secure software. Listen to …

Developer Things # 6: Professional Speaking and Consulting Advice with Cory House

Today’s episode of Developer Things features guest Cory House. Cory is a consultant and professional speaker who also writes software and creates online courses for developers.Cory began writing software professionally about 15 years ago. For the last few years, he's been focusing on front-end features like JavaScript and React, although …

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