DevOps Blogs we wish would post more often

DevOps Blogs We Wish Would Post More Often

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In this day and age when everyone calls themselves a writer, markets can become quickly saturated with re-blogged news content that creates a web of articles that aren’t easily navigated. There are still awesome and original blogs out there, however, if you know where to look. Luckily, we have a long list of DevOps blogs that you can skim through …

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Cloud Computing and DevOps Blogs To Follow – Episode 2

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DevOps blogs are everywhere! Welcome to our second installment of DevOps Blogs You Should Be Reading (here’s part one of the best DevOps blogs). Every few weeks we’ll share some of our personal favorite DevOps blogs with you. These blogs are based on their ability to inform, educate, and spark ideas for a wide variety of topics within DevOps. Within each of …

scrums - development and rugby scrums

Scrum – Developers VS. Rugby Players

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Like many words in the English language, “Scrum” has a few wildly diverse definitions. Let’s take a look at the differences (and maybe even a few surprising similarities) between the scrums of both developers and rugby players! What is Scrum Development? Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile development framework. It is a flexible and holistic product development strategy where …

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DevOps Jobs: Tips for Finding the Perfect Job in DevOps

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What Exactly Are DevOps Jobs? DevOps itself is a methodology used to to help make the development process for software, apps, websites, and more run much more smoothly. So, when you’re looking for DevOps jobs, you’re looking for a job either on the Development side of things, or on the Operations (IT) side of things. If you want to create …

Best DevOps Blogs

DevOps Blogs You Should Be Reading – Episode 1

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DevOps blogs are everywhere; and frankly we don’t mind. In fact, we constantly ask people for more stuff to read. We’ve gathered quite a list and stuffed it inside a Google Doc. Instead of keeping all these to ourselves, we’ll start sharing them with you! Every few weeks, we’ll feature a few of our favorites and why they could be your favorite …